Saturday, November 25, 2006


Did you know that frogs can launch themselves over 20 times their own length using those big strong legs of theirs? For you that would be like jumping 100 feet! This is just one interesting fact about frogs, and there are many more for you to find out!

You are going to be given the opportunity to learn about frogs and their lives! Using the websites provided below you will gather useful/interesting information on frogs that you will use to create a small presentation and poster that you will present to the class. Your presentation needs to include several facts on the life cycle of frogs as well as other facts on frogs that you find interesting. Once you have completed your presentations and the class is well informed on the subject of frogs we will be receiving a fish tank filled with tadpoles. We will watch and take care of these tadpoles as they grow into frogs. Once they are frogs we will release them into a stream near by. I hope all of you enjoy learning about frogs throughout the next couple of weeks! Good luck with the beginning of your projects!

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